About the Artist

I have been interested in the natural world since childhood when I spent as much time as I could out of doors, rain, snow or shine.  Growing up in the Midwest, dramatic weather was a constant.  A college summer vacation introduced me to California where I found hiking was possible 365 days/year!  I have become especially fond of the northern part of the state where my husband and two sons and I hiked, rafted and camped.  These areas became the focus of my  earliest drawings and, later, paintings and remain of interest to me today. I also volunteered for the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary which stimulated interest in various parts of “my beach”, the ocean and the variety of ocean-connected articles to be found on the beach, especially barnacles.

I am a studio oil painter which means I work from photos taken of my favorite outdoor spots at  a particular time and under particular circumstances. Being from the Midwest I became aware early of weather and especially weather changes. These are the subject of some of the painting you see on this site. I like “bad” weather!

I also appreciate our wonderful East Bay Regional Parks and spend a good amount of my “free” time walking in them, especially Tilden which is ten or so minutes from my home. This leads to subject matter for paintings and also etchings as I have enjoyed the printmaking process for some years.

Among the honors I have gathered over time some of my favorites have been three Artist Residences in our National Parks: one at Crater Lake during its Centennial year, and two at Isle Royale National Park which resulted in three paintings and the award winning book, The Island Within Us.



Honors & Awards: 

Annual National Park Exhibits dating from 1999 until they were disbanded in 2014
Triton Museum Purchase Award 1989
Christian Science Monitor, newspaper, drawings 1989, 1996
Art in California, magazine award drawing 1993, award painting 1994
American Artist, magazine article 10/96
Artist-in-Residence Isle Royale National Park, MI, 1993, 1996
The Island Within Us: Isle Royale Artists in Residence; National Park Book Award 2000
Artist-in-Residence, Crater Lake, OR 2001
National Steinbeck Center, Salinas, CA, “My California….” 3rd prize 2005
Resume and prices available upon request.
Article in Albany Patch

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